ERGONIC screwdrivers – the experience of unsurpassed quality

Many handles are called ergonomic, but it is always the hand that has to adapt to the handle. ERGONIC is the only handle that adapt to the user’s hand. The flexibility of the 3-component ERGONIC handle provides perfect ergonomics, torque transmission and work comfort

impact proof handle core made from polypropylene is coated with durable
Elastomer with embedded cells of highly flexible plastics. The handle fits perfectly into the hand at all times with pressure causing an interlocking of hand and handle. Expenditure of energy sinks and comfort increases, enabling the user to reach higher torque
and longer fatigue-free work. The flexibility of the handle also
enhances sensitivity and precise control of torque. Test the unique
ERGONIC for yourself and get convinced like the testers in our extensive
product test.

The harder the test, the clearer the result.

As the success of a product depends wholly on the verdict of
the users we commissioned an institute for market research to conduct a
comparative test of 5 screwdrivers made by German manufacturers.
In hardware stores for professionals all over Germany 315 users performed a blind test to decide which screwdriver they preferred in respect of ergonomics and haptics.
During the test the subjects could only take the tools into their hand but not see them. 

ERGONIC was by a large margin the tool named most
often to be the best. This is proof that the progress to 3-component
handles not only increases the maximum torque but also facilitates more
ergonomical and comfortable work.

ERGONIC not only is the first adaptable handle but also has a number of additional exceptional features.

All details of the end-user test can be found here.

ERGONIC screwdrivers at a glance:

  • Seamless cap for minimal friction
  • Perfect ergonomics = perfect transmission of torque
  • 15 years guarantee
  • Useful hexagon bolsters for spanners in series 410
  • Longevity due to use of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel
  • Performance exceeding DIN-standards by up to 100%
  • Barcode on every tool for easy handling and re-ordering
  • Black Tip for precise fit.
  • Anti-roll handle design
  • Cross hole for easy storage or inserting lever to achieve higher torque
  • Drive symbol printed on cap


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