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Hreinsisett fyrir spíssasæti og göng

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  • allows efficient cleaning of injector ports, injector nozzle ports in cylinder heads and injector seats
  • suitable for a wide range of vehicles
  • helps to avoid blow-back due to poorly seated injectors

scope of delivery:

  • 3 steel wire brushes
    • brass coated
    • for removing combustion residues on injector ports
  • 2 silicone nylon brushes
    • for cleaning injector seat surfaces in the cylinder head
    • provides a smooth surface on injector seat
  • 1 extension bar with quick-action chuck for brushes
  • 6 injector bore sealing plugs for sealing the combustion chamber during the cleaning process
  • 1 mounting / disassembly rod for inserting / removing the sealing plug
  • 1 steel wire brush for cleaning nozzle holes in the cylinder head

Technical data

Gross weight900 g

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1/2" 7-Stykkja Tox Bita Sett

- 1 adaptor 1/2" for 10 mm bits

- for T STAR screws
- 6 special bits T 25-30-40-45-50-55


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