Segulstál 650 mm, afl 3 kg Stækka

Segulstál | 650 mm | afl 3 kg

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Segulstál, útdraganlegt í 650mm,  öflugur segull sem lyftir 3 kg.

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Kr 2,180

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  • chrome plated - magnetic tip diameter: 15 mm
  • the removable tip sleeve prevents from having a sideward magnetic effect so that only those parts you want to pick up are magnetically attracted
  • rubber handle with clip holder

Technical data

Max. length650 mm
Packaging suitable for wall hangingYes
Gross weight70 g

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1/2" 7-Stykkja Tox Bita Sett

- 1 adaptor 1/2" for 10 mm bits

- for T STAR screws
- 6 special bits T 25-30-40-45-50-55

Seglar & Speglar

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